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Ask your legislator, "Will you support my gay* friends' freedom to marry?"

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Call your Maryland Legislator and Pop the Question to them about supporting a gay friend's freedom to marry.

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Breaking News: Senate supports your friends! Keep the momentum going in the House!

Your friends are so close! Take 2 minutes to help them. Oh, and be a part of history.

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8603 Marylanders sent a flower to their Representative on behalf of:

  1. All my gay friends
  2. All my gay friends
  3. All my gay friends
  4. All my gay friends
  5. All my gay friends
  1. All my gay friends
  2. All my gay friends
  3. Johnc34
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FAQs on Marriage

What exactly is Maryland HB 175?

HB 175 would repeal the portion of Maryland state law defining marriage as "between a man and a woman" and allow any two consenting adults to get married, regardless of gender. The "religious freedom" portion of the bill's title refers to a protection under this new law for religious bodies and institutions: no church (mosque, synagogue, etc.) will be legally bound to officiate same-sex marriages, or recognize their validity...  Read More >

I've never called my representative before. What do I do?

Calling your elected officials is easy. They want to hear from you and we’ll help you get connected and even let you know the basics of what to say to make it as easy as possible. First, fill out the quick form and well figure out who your representative is for you and connect you to them. You’re probably wondering, “Why do you need my address?” This is how we know what district you are in...  Read More >

Why aren't civil unions good enough?

Let's face it, labels matter. No matter how people try to justify civil unions, they just aren't enough. While allowing your gay friends to enter into civil unions is a big step forward, it still relegates them and their relationships to second-class status...  Read More >